How “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson stays so popular

Dwayne Johnson

He is also one of the most famous pro-wrestlers in history and has become the highest-paid man living in Hollywood. How does he keep fit with all his busy schedule?

Growing up, Dwayne Johnson was a familiar face on television. He is one of the most prominent pro-wrestling personalities. Since then, he has hit the big screen and has paved the way for many successful pro-wrestlers-turned-actors like John Cena and Dave Bautista. The Rock is as fit today as he was in his wrestling days. Maybe even more fit. You’ll see why he is as fit as ever if you look at his detailed meal plan and workouts.

You’ll be amazed at how intense his workout routine is. He not only centers his day around his workout, but he also requires a lot more endurance and a variety of workouts. It is not recommended that people do a cardio workout prior to lifting weights. It is safe to say that The Rock is at the top of his routines. He has trained himself over the years for all of the demands he placed on himself and achieved exceptional results.

He also has a very extreme diet. He consumes approximately seven meals per day, which can add up to 5,000 calories daily. This high-protein diet is something that few can even attempt to duplicate. His cheat meals are another matter.

You can see his Instagram see the cheat meals he enjoys. Although his outrageous cheat meals don’t seem to affect him, they might not be for everyone. He eats a lot that would feed a family of four. You can see that he has worked hard to earn it by looking at his workouts.

One of them is The Rock. Although many can’t duplicate his work ethic and routine, it is worth taking some elements of his life and applying them to your own. Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock”, is the embodiment of Chiseled.