Why We Love... Thor: Love and Thunder

Fans are patiently waiting to learn more about Thor: Love and Thunder, which has been in production for over two years. So we decided to let you in on all the news we have so far.

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We Feel the Need... The Need for Speed

For 36 years, Top Gun fans have waited for Maverick to make another appearance. Now the wait is finally over. The world is ready for Tom Cruise to once again take our breath away in this long awaited sequel, Top Gun: Maverick.

Anya Taylor-Joy Shows No Signs Of Slowing In Her Momentum

Anya Taylor Joy had a five-year run that was unmatched by anyone else. Because of her distinctive looks and appearances in period dramas, she rose to be Hollywood’s “it-girl”.

The Ectomobile Returns To Basics In Ghostbusters: Afterlife

There are many iconic movie vehicles that you can think of. There’s the “Back to the Future”, DeLorean time machine and several iterations, as well as the Ectomobile.

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