Motion Picture Magazine

Hollywood is and will always be, the essence of high-budget storytelling. There are multi-million dollar blockbusters filmed all over the city. The larger-than-life actors, stars on the sidewalk, and flashing lights speak for themselves.

Motion Picture Magazine is the personification of Hollywood. We spotlight everything that has to do with everyday entertainment. We capture the artists that lose themselves in their roles, the stunt coordinators that initiate cars explosions, the stuntmen that jump off derailing trains. We cover the stories within the stories. Our writers have a backstage pass to the awards ceremonies and the key to the studio lots.

Movies are an impactful force in our daily lives. They require tons of work and billions of dollars to deliver breathtaking visuals and heart-pumping action.  Even movies with low budgets are still working with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line. The industry itself is a revolving door of can’t-miss action. It is an endless cycle of stories that are unique every single time.

Motion Picture Magazine celebrates film in its prime. No other art form engages its audience the way that movies do, in so many different genres. One movie has the ability can compel audiences to feel every emotion possible. Film is where stars are born and legends perform at their peak.

We cover our stories at their very core. There are no puff pieces. There are no agendas. Just the insider knowledge about the films everyone’s buzzing about. We tackle the speculation, the news, and everything in between.

At Motion Picture Magazine, we’re at the heart of the movie industry and all it has to offer. We’re minutes away from any studio, making us the film industry’s primary source. It’s busy, it’s fast-paced, and it’s chaotic. We fully understand that; we thrive in it. There’s no other place we’d rather be.