Chris Hemsworth is a Prison Visionary in The First Spiderhead Pictures

Spiderhead Hemsworth

Spiderhead is not, as you might imagine from the title. It’s not a clever Netflix attempt to cash in on the growing Spider-Verse. Instead, it’s an intriguing psychological thriller that stars Jurnee Slolett, Miles Teller, and Chris Hemsworth.

Spiderhead is an adaptation of George Saunders’ short story, directed by Joseph Kosinski, who, due to delays in Top Gun: Maverick’s release, now has films out in consecutive months.

Here are the basics… The state-of-the-art penitentiary is run by Steve Abnesti (Hemsworth), a brilliant visionary who administers mind-altering drugs to inmates in exchange for their commuted sentences. There are no bars or cells and no orange jumpsuits.

Spiderhead Hemsworth

Spiderhead allows volunteers who are incarcerated to be free to be themselves. They’re free until they aren’t. Sometimes they can be a better version. Do you need to be lighter? There is a remedy. Are you at a loss for words? There is a drug that can help you. When two subjects, Jeff (Teller), and Lizzy (Smollett), make a connection, the path to redemption takes a twister as Abnesti’s experiments push the boundaries of free will.

Spiderhead will be available on Netflix starting on 17 June.

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