Is Succession Currently the Most Popular Show?

Succession Show Season 3

HBO Max’s Succession aired the season 3 finale of their series not too long ago. What is next for the Roy family?

Season 3 was a Whirlwind

Season 3 was an intense season that saw two Roy characters face off. Logan Roy (Brian Cox), and Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong), are both vying to lead the Waystar Royco media conglomerate, which is owned by the Roy family. Next season will be even crazier, without spoilers.

The character development was what made this season shine. After having given his consent for him to be charged with the sexual misconduct of the company, I was delighted to see Kendall change the subject. After the fallout between father & son, everyone takes sides. The show also features Strong and Cox as well as Sarah Snook and Alan Ruck. The Roy family is represented by a strong cast, which aims to play power to climb the corporate ladder.

Matthew MacFayden plays my favorite character, Tom Wambsgans. He is a married member of the Roy family and is always trying to fit in with the Roy Clan. Season one shows him as an insufferable brown-noser who is always involved in family affairs. He makes a fool of himself in most cases. Siobhan (Snook), his wife, is also a serial cheater. This comes out on their wedding day.

He becomes more assertive in season 2. He is still a horrible person but he becomes more charming when he enters Waystar’s news sector. MacFayden is so much fun to watch and has such a great American accent, that I was shocked to discover that he is actually a Brit.

Succession has become one of my favorite shows. It has all that a TV series should have: captivating storytelling, brilliant performances, and funny dialogue. It’s a compelling series with a topic matter that I wasn’t sure I would be interested in a corporate drama with strong characters and plenty of twists. The show is a delight to watch and each actor delivers a stellar performance every week. The writing is amazing. Although it may not be as popular as Breaking Bad in terms of popularity it is a strong contender for the best TV show and streaming service right now.