Biggest Takeaways from Harry Styles’ New Album

Biggest Takeaways Harry Styles’ New Album

Harry’s House, Harry Style’s third album, is evidence that the former lead of the famous boy band turned megastar has found his lane. With so many discussions going on around the release of his new album, we decided to discuss some key takeaways. 

In times of uncertainty like this, when music feels so unpredictable, Harry continues to provide some of the best music of his career. The artist continues to make time for his music between promoting his upcoming films and running his beauty brand. Instead, he continues to give mesmerizing songs and proves that you can’t put his talent in a box.

Following the six years after the One Direction split, we have seen Styles doing things that no one knew could happen. He made the cover of Vogue when he sported a fabulous dress, starred in multiple movies, and made headlines in Madison Square garden quite a few times. 

Three years after Fine Line, Harry Styles dropped a new music album titled Harry’s House. Styles announced the release of the album back in March. While his self-titled debut and 2019’s acclaimed second hit showed what Styles were capable of, Harry’s House is an exception. 

In his newest album, Harry sounds freer than ever. His liberated voice, entrancing production, and sonic diversity are proof show finally stepping out of that pop mold that he was originally in. Talking to Apple Music, Harry Styles also claimed his favorite thing about Harry’s House is how it feels the most like him. 

The name for the album itself comes from the song “Harry’s House/Centerpiece” by Joni Mitchell. It’s clear that the former One Direction lead singer is an avid fan of Joni Mitchell. But do you know that Mitchell also tweeted that she loves the title after announcing Styles’ forthcoming album?  

Since the announcement of Harry’s House, Styles chose to lay low, except for when he headlined two nights at Coachella. However, he did drop a single, “As It Was,” that featured a rather ambitious music video. It soon created a lot of anticipation for the release of the album. Not to mention, As It Was became a TikTok hit soon after its release.

The 13 perfectly-crafted pop songs feature endless references to food and details about Harry Style‘s current relationship. Let’s have a look at the biggest takeaways from Harry’s House.

Styles Breaks ‘Harry’s House” into Two Sections

One look at the lyrics, and you can notice just the singer’s masterful writing shine. The verses are charming, witty, introspective, and honest. Talking about the vocals, Styles is truly improving and taking things up a notch.

The album Harry’s House is split into two sections. The first half includes seven tracks, the kind of songs that keep you wanting more. “Matilda” is a great example that represents the first category of Harry’s House. The folk song features a protagonist who is navigating adult stress. Of course, Styles’ vocals and guitar go perfectly with the lyrics.

In the second half, Harry sings about love, heartbreak, and everything in between. Harry Styles uses his music to recount the highs and lows of his life so vividly that you can picture them in your head. The record closes with a track titled “Love of My Life,” which explains that the pop album is a narrative about Harry’s current relationship. 

Harry is in the LA Mood (And, Of Course, In Love)

Harry’s House is an album with several references to Los Angeles. From elements like food and yoga to Hollywood stardom and oceans, the album also shows off its love for LA culture as well. And to confirm this for us, Styles sings and declares that he is “in an LA mood” in the song “Satellite?” What else? An entire track of the album is dedicated to driving. And what is more LA than that? 

While styles might be in LA, he’s also in love and doesn’t care who knows about it. From what we have been able to gather, at least 8 out of the 13 songs are about the starry-eyed singer falling hopelessly in love with someone. 

In fact, he literally screams, “it’s cause I love you, babe / In every kind of way / Just a little taste / You know I love you, baby” in “Music for a Sushi Restaurant.” The fact that this song is the opening track for the record helps set the tone for the rest of the album. 

It is important to note that Harry Styles kept his silence about his personal life following his departure from One Direction. But, Harry’s House surely takes a lovestruck turn. 

He Is Also Hungry 

It is worth saying that Harry Styles seems quite hungry. Perhaps he was on a diet for his rumored nude scenes in “My Policeman.” This is why he sounds so hungry in almost all the tracks on this new album.

No matter the reasons, the songs on Harry’s House are packed with food references. Not to forget, the opening track’s title refers directly to a “Sushi restaurant.” Primarily on this track, you will find lyrics like ‘green eyes, fried rice, I could cook an egg on you / sweet ice cream, you could use a flake or two / blue bubblegum twisting ‘round your tongue”.

In another soundtrack, “Daylight,” Styles goes on singing ‘dip you in honey so I could be sticking to you.” If you’re still not convinced that Harry Styles is hungry, you need to listen to the verse in “Keep Driving” that is solely dedicated to “maple syrup, coffee, pancakes for two / hash brown, egg yolk, I will always love you.”

  • Below are some other food items on Harry Styles’ menu this time:
  • Red wine and ginger ale (Little Freak)
  • A bottle of rouge, just me and you / 1982
  • Make your tea and your toast (Matilda)
  • Moka pot Monday (Keep Driving)

As far as we remember, it has been more than a year since Styles’ onset of romance and public display of affection for his current romantic partner. And Harry’s House is proof that the relationship between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles is still going strong. 

Although we saw him politely dodging a question regarding his partner, it seems as if Harry was saving the dirty details for his forthcoming record. 

While all the love-stricken lyrics on his fourth album seem to be about Wilde, we find the two most obvious odes on “Late Night Talking” and “Cinema.” 

In “Late Night Talking,” the reference goes, “It’s only been a couple of days, and I miss you / And nothing really goes to plan / You stub your toe or break your camera / I’d do everything I can to help you through.” And the lyric on Cinema about the director of Don’t Worry Darling is- you guessed it right- “I just think you’re cool / I dig your cinema.”

Talking about the track “Cinema,” the references are not limited to movies. In fact, it seems like Harry wasn’t scared of an R rating when making the song. After all, he sings, “If you’re getting yourself wet for me, I guess you’re all mine.” Not forgetting that he further extends the imagery by adding the lyrics: “If you’re getting yourself wet for me, I guess you’re all mine,”

Do you think that’s all? Well, not yet. Styles also adds a tribute to “a wet dream just dangling” in another song on the album “Little Freak.” And let’s not forget the lyrics “tracksuit and a ponytail, you hide the body all that yoga gave you.”

Aptly, Styles is at Home (And He’s Having Fun)

With the domestic title “Harry’s House,” you may think that the album is about his house. Recorded in various locations, including London, LA, Tokyo, Oxfordshire, and Maine, Harry’s new record is a reflection of a nomadic way of living. 

Considering the lyrics “I’d follow you to any place” in “Late Night Talking,” it is safe to say that the album is not about his physical house at all. He further confirms this through the stories of driving, riding bikes, and booking hotel rooms “using someone else’s name.”

With this, it is worth noting that Harry no longer views ‘home’ as a physical place to be. Rather, he sees it as a healthy headspace and well-being. In “Better Homes & Gardens,” Harry also said that the feeling of a home is more of an internal thing that you may or may not get from a house.

While his album Harry’s House suggests that he is in a good mental state, we also see that he is having quite a lot of fun. Everyone who’s watched Style’s live performances or attended his gigs knows that he loves having fun. And this is why you will also see him doing the things he loves and enjoying life.

The album surely reflects that Harry Styles feels free and liberated. Whether it’s the lyrics, vocals, or vibe, our guy is living his best life. Not forgetting how he’s giving us swoon-worthy content.