Get More Efficient and Outsmart Your Own Brain

Get More Efficient and Outsmart Your Own Brain

If you’ve had the experience of feeling like your brain is pulling you back, you are not all alone. A lot of people are feeling this way because they find it hard to get started on something they desire to do. Once they get started, it is hard to stay consistent and finish regardless of the overwhelming desire to stay focused.

Distractions are getting increasingly attractive these days and our brain appears to like being distracted. If not, it wouldn’t be so hard to face the task at hand and finish it in a hurry.

Everybody has experienced this block at some point or another, not just the most hardworking and intelligent. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel bad or beat yourself up about it. It is important to learn how to use your brain’s power to perform the tasks that you require.

To conquer the distractions and outsmart your mind doesn’t require many resources either time or medical professionals. You already have all the tools needed to change your brain. Here are some methods you can achieve this.

Learn how to reduce stress

While you might not be aware that stress has an adverse effect on your brain. You don’t need to take action however stress can trigger depression, anxiety, laziness and a lack of motivation.

Your mind and body will start to feel overwhelmed when you are experiencing these signs. This can cause you to delay every now and then but even after you begin the task then you’ll need to keep pushing yourself to continue since it feels as if you’re being punished.

To avoid this issue and be more productive, try certain techniques to manage stress, relax your mind and get yourself excited about your daily activities. Some ways to reduce stress include:


You don’t have to attend fitness classes. There are many yoga videos on YouTube, and they’ll truly help you to refresh your mind and body.

Going to the fitness center

Being around other people in the gym can give you the feeling of belonging, and as your move those muscles, your brain will get recharged, which will show in your productivity.

Write down your feelings

It’s easy to understand and easy, yet it has been confirmed to be extremely effective in aiding people to relax. To let go of things you don’t like write them down and burn them.

Rest when you should

Overworking yourself is a major cause of stress. Therefore, learn to relax and rest up during breaks to recharge your brain.

Find solutions to your personal issues

A large number of people believe that their inability of being productive in their work is due to problems in their lives. Your brain desires to alleviate your suffering If your brain is always seeking to force you to work, it could be an issue that you haven’t addressed.

You may want to take an absence from the book you’re struggling to read. You can then address the issues you are experiencing. You can then return to the book and observe the way your brain can assimilate what you will learn from the book.

If you’re not at a mutually acceptable level with your loved one that is hurting, it’s considered pain in this instance and could make your brain think against you. In this case, it is possible to make a phone call if you can’t contact the person. You’ll feel more confident about yourself, and be more productive.

Whatever the job you’re attempting to complete or the cause of the pain you’re suffering from If you are able to begin fixing the problem, you’ll outsmart your brain!

Discuss your thoughts to those who might criticize it

Normally, harsh criticisms will cause you to feel depressed or even discouraged, but you can take advantage of it to outwit your brain and become better than you ever were.

The human brain only knows what it wants to see. This is why different people might hear the same speech but may not comprehend it.

This is because your mind is focused on one particular way to see a topic or, in this instance the way a task ought to appear.

It is possible to take advantage of this bias that each person’s brain has to apply it to be more efficient and smarter. To do this, inform another person, perhaps someone you already know will have a different view, about the topic that you are struggling with.

Their completely different view can help you see more innovative techniques that you might never have considered on your own.

Do not think too much

It is a natural reaction when faced with challenges or obstructions. But, there are those who choose to think through things over and over in an effort to resolve the issue.

This adds to your stress and burdens your brain. As if it wasn’t enough, stress can result due to the fact that you are focusing too heavily on your thinking. This can cause your brain to work against you.

Stop if you feel overwhelmed or frustrated. It doesn’t need to be a completely different type of work, because using this break to eat, relax, watch movies or chat with your loved ones and relax in any way, is also helpful for your brain.

You can remove that specific task from your mind and apply any method you choose to complete it. This will enable your brain to remain more focused and calm as you return to the task at hand.