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Jeffery Alan Jones

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Jeffery Alan Jones has impressed the film world with his creative spirit, dedication, and commitment to excellence. He is now considered the gold standard in post-production sound, but this title didn’t come overnight. He has spent hours of hard, passionate work in pursuit of perfection. Music and sound have always fascinated Jones, who, even as a child, dreamed of becoming a famous film composer. And indeed, even a quick glance at Jones’s extensive portfolio reveals a film industry career worthy of applause.

He is one of the few figures whose soundtracks qualify as true masterpieces. A leading figure in the industry, Jones specializes in sound mixing, sound design, and music composition and his wide-ranging CV includes more than 250 film credits, including five films over the last five years that have been accepted by the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Jones’s talent and devotion to his craft have been rewarded over and over, garnering him numerous awards from prestigious film festivals. His song My Dream won the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Award and continues to draw the public’s attention. Other achievements include Best Original Score (Redline International Film Festival, Bucharest ShortcutCinefest), 

Best Sound Design (Queen Palm International Film Festival, Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and Writers’ Celebration), and Best Sound Editing (Golden State Film Festival). He also significantly contributed to ad campaigns of several famous brands, including Reebok, GoPro, Coke and Nike.

Jeffery’s latest accolade is a spot on the 2022 Emmy Awards’ ballot for his work as re-recording mixer / sound designer on the biographical documentary KISStory, which tells the story of the band’s members’ careers.

Of course, an oeuvre as impressive as Jones’s doesn’t simply appear out of the ether overnight. To understand his work, one must know his story.

Jeffery Alan Jones’s career story

Jeffery Alan Jones

Jeffery Alan Jones loves what he does, as evidenced by the 30 years he’s devoted to the film and sound industry, and his mountains of awards are ample proof that the industry loves him right back. When asked about his recipe for success, Jones credits hard work and discipline, but clearly, one doesn’t get this far without skill and natural talent. His creative gift and intuitive grasp of composition and mixing have served him well on his numerous projects, which range from short and feature films, to commercials, and even to video games.

Jones’s journey in sound design started in college. After studying film scoring at the University of California, he earned a master’s degree from California State University, Long Beach. He also has a degree in jazz arranging and piano, which both influences his work and sets him apart from his peers. His passion for electronic music production led him to found his first recording studio, where he wrote and engineered music for various artists. This experience would later serve him well when he founded his current studio, Alan Audio Works, a full-service recording and post-production facility in the hills of Los Angeles, CA, near Griffith Park and the famous Hollywood Sign.

While studying for his degrees, Jones cut his teeth scoring student films, then gradually transitioned into working on features. His signature knack for combining SFX, sound design, and music into a cohesive auditory landscape has opened numerous doors for him – not just at home, but around the world. As a conductor, he led the National Chinese Orchestra in Beijing and performed with them on a tour across the Asian continent.

Mr. Jones’s most outstanding projects

As his career in sound design evolved, Jones became involved in more and more projects, and soon his work was getting showcased at major film festivals.


Jeffery Alan Jones is well-known for immersing himself fully in every project he takes on, regardless of its size. One of his proudest accomplishments was his music, sound design and mix for the feature film Tow, starring Caitlin Gerard and Kane Hodder as a satanic mechanic who torments twin sisters trying to escape their past. The detailed soundscape is a non-stop rollercoaster ride and an incredible balance of the music, sound design and mix.

In Her Name

Another significant project is the 2022 feature In Her Name, by actor/director/writer Sarah Carter. In Her Name is a dramedy about twin sisters, separated at birth and estranged since, who are forced by circumstances to live together in their childhood home in Los Angeles. Jones supervised the film’s sound editing as well as serving as sound designer and re-recording mixer on the project, which received the Audience Award at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival.

9 Bullets

Jones is also known for the sound design in 9 Bullets, a 2022 thriller starring Lena Headey (Game of Thrones’s Cersei Lannister) and Sam Worthington (star of Avatar and Clash of the Titans). The movie follows the story of a burlesque dancer who has to take steps to save her little neighbor from the hands of her ex-lover. Both the film and its soundtrack have been met with public acclaim, with Silent Night, House of the Rising Sun, and Go Away as some of the favorite tracks.

Groove Tails

Jones is currently working on the sound design for Groove Tails, an upcoming animated feature film starring Grammy and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx, alongside fellow megastars Kevin Hart and Dave Bautista. In addition to sound design, Jones is working in the sound department as re-recording mixer and supervising sound editor, again showing off his ability to tackle multiple roles and excel in all of them. His outstanding sound design truly captures the street dance competition film’s fun, high-energy vibe.


This 2021 action-packed thriller starring the incredible Bruce Willis and Chad Michael Murray was, at the time of its release, on everyone’s lips. It’s about a group of criminals kidnapping a former CIA agent and his son and forcing them into a high-tech bunker. Jones served as sound designer and re-recording mixer on this project, a major undertaking given how much work is hidden behind the scenes of  a good action movie like Fortress.

All-Star Weekend

Reaffirming his reputation as the Gold Standard in Film Sound, Jeffery Alan Jones also worked on the highly anticipated All-Star Weekend, an upcoming sports comedy-drama starring Robert Downey Jr., Gerard Butler, and Benicio Del Toro. Driven by this massive trifecta of star power, the film’s plot revolves around two friends competing against a famous basketball player. Pleased with his work on the project, Jones is excited for the public to see how it turns out.

Section Eight

Jones is also proud of another upcoming project, Section Eight, one of 2022’s most awaited action movies. Starring Dermot Mulroney, Mickey Rourke, and Dolph Lundgren, Section Eight follows a soldier released from prison and employed by a ghostly government agency. Reprising his classic triple threat role as sound designer, re-recording mixer, and additional music cue,  Jones looks forward to the film’s release and the public’s reaction to his work.

Jeffery Alan Jones

The variety of projects on which Jeffery Alan Jones has worked is impressive. We see a dedication to sound design that is quite rare nowadays. Mr. Jones’s career is paved with remarkable achievements and prestigious awards from film festivals some only dream of being nominated for. Jeffery Alan Jones is, without any doubt, a prolific figure in the film and sound industry that can be taken as an example for many of us who still are in doubt regarding our future career options. According to Mr. Jones, the road to success is never smooth, but if you’re serious about what you’re doing, there’s no chance of not getting where you want the most.

When this advice comes from a sound designer, composer, and pianist with more than 250 film credits at the actual moment, achieving our most ambitious dreams seems no longer that impossible.

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